If for several months the people of Nigeria, especially the SW suffered so much trauma from kidnappers, Boko Haram, herdsmen etc, and not much was done to help them, and now they make a lawful regional arrangement for security, the Justice Minister’s statement is curious and perhaps even insensitive.

From available evidence discussions on AMOTEKUN were in the public domain, and SW governors carried the federal government along in the plan and even secured its approval and support.

How then can someone say the AMOTEKUN is illegal after all these were done, quoting vexatious laws? Why didn’t they say so from the beginning? Would AMOTEKUN happen if lives and property were not threatened and assaulted?

And if we are talking law, we should know that all things may be lawful, but not all are expedient. And at any rate, the Justice Minister must not sound like the Law. He should expect this matter to be tested in a law court.

Where was the Hon Minister when whole communities in Ekiti, Egbado, Ondo and other areas were sacked? Where was he when people were killed, like Chief Fashoranti’s daughter? Where was he when on several occasions Chief Falaiye’s farm and residence were invaded? Surely a man and a people have a right to self preservation! Even the first law of nature is for self preservation.

It was the same in Lagos several months ago. The State was not providing adequate potable water. Individuals now dug wells and bore holes. It was shocking, inappropriate and selfish for the same government to declare it would tax such wells and boreholes. Would anyone dig wells if the State met its obligations?


Our public servants must think beyond today and the privileges of office they enjoy. They must know that a time comes when Mopol may not be available. A time comes when your cars won’t run in free petrol, when the generator in your house will be fueled by diesel you pay for.

In my opinion, the government must not go the way of the Justice Minister. It should have appropriate dialogue with the SW states and provide support so that AMOTEKUN and the Police can work well together. We should not forget the primary objective: keeping criminals away and ensuring safety for the people. Indeed if it works well, it can become a national model.


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