Lolu Akinwunmi Family Foundation (LAFF)

The Lolu Akinwunmi Family Foundation had informally operated for a number of years before it was formally registered in 2017. It is a legally registered non-profit organization that has been set up and has functioned in the capacity of supporting the less privileged in the society, and also recommending and rewarding acts of civic responsibility. LAFF has been funded from family resources. The Foundation has met all legal registration requirements and functions with its board of trustees.

The Lolu Akinwunmi Family Foundation believes that in small and in big ways, we all have a responsibility to give back to the society and also act as God’s instruments to help and support the less privileged. In addition, LAFF believes in strong civic responsibility and is open to reward and support exemplary conduct and behaviour that fall within this category, towards having a more civilised society.

In our short history, LAFF has and continues to actively support motherless babies’ homes and also reaches out to widows and other less privileged members of the society.

In 2015, LAFF identified with the exemplary behaviour of Madam Josephine Ugwu, who found a very large sum of money in foreign denominations at the Lagos Airport Locker Room, and promptly returned same to the authorities. We at LAFF were deeply touched and impressed by this rare display of honesty and chose to reward the lady by putting her on a fixed salary over a period of 12 months. While what we gave did not compare with what she found and returned, it was symbolic.

It is our fervent hope that as the resources that are available to the Foundation increase, we will be in a stronger position to do more.

The net proceeds from the book, “SKIN FOR SKIN: THE PRIMA GARNET STORY” will be used by the Lolu Akinwunmi Family Foundation to enlarge the scope of our charitable activities.

LAFF is grateful for the support we have received from several professionals who have offered their services to us gratis.